[NOTAM VATEUD] VATEUD SEEKS New Members Support Manager

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[NOTAM VATEUD] VATEUD SEEKS New Members Support Manager

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VATEUD is pleased to advise the opening of a new position within the overall Staff team in the form of a liaison person dealing with new members, their initial queries, concerns and fears.

VATEUD is seeing a constant growth in terms of membership and whilst all efforts have been made to slot the new members into a local vACC or Community we are still seeing several hundred members per quarter who create an account, sign up once and then never are seen or heard from again.

With this in mind and in order to ensure a constant renewal and retention of members both in terms of Pilots and ATCO’s, VATEUD has decided to create a new, multipurpose and challenging position helping all new members to settle in what at times is a complex organization.

VATEUD5 - New Members Support Manager
Reports to: VATEUD1 Division Director (VATEUD2 and 4 Deputy Directors in his absence)

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Contact and assist new members having signed up in any matter relating to their membership, vACC assignment including technical matters relating to which software to use.
• Reconcile new members weekly (on aggregate) against how many have connected for monitoring purposes
• Monitor new member progress via email questionnaires 30/60 and 90 days after signup, analyse the data and identify trends where new members are not connecting to the network or not connecting persistently after joining
• Manage the process of daily welcome emails and work with the Web Team and vACC staff to customize these for vACCs
• Assist the VATEUD membership department when needed in matters related to new member assignments.
• Arrange in conjunction with the VATEUD Training department “New Member” introduction evenings or events for both new Pilots and new ATC in special dedicated “hit zones” to be determined from time to time by VATEUD in conjunction with the vACC's
• Work with the Pilot Training Department and ATC Training Departments both divisionally and at vACC level to identify and develop ways of improving the induction process for new members.
• Support vACCs in the case that their new member process is not "user-friendly" to improve it
• Work to identify the goals of new members and take action to investigate in situations where these goals are not being achieved

• Must be 18 years of age or more and preferably a minimum of 18 months membership of VATSIM
• Expected to be a member in good standing of a vACC within VATEUD
• Must hold a S3 rating or above
• Expected to be able to converse in English and preferably in 2 or more other European Languages.
• Expected to have comprehensive knowledge of the various software applications used within VATSIM, both ATC and Pilot Related
• Expected to be patient and pedagogical
• Expected to feel comfortable in helping others
• Expected to be proficient in the use of data bases
Knowledge of VATSIM and its internal structure would be of benefit
• Expected to be able to commit about 7 hours a week to the tasks at hand

Interested candidates are invited to contact vateud1@vateud.net prior to February 28th with a full resume and reasons for applying.

This successful candidate will be reporting direct to the Division Director and will work hand in hand with both the Training and Membership Directors of VATEUD.
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